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I Just SHIPPED my PANTS!  For Free!

I just SHIPPED my PANTS! N I did it for FREE! Heck Ship your Drawers, Nighty and Bed while your at it!


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Sex with Another Women? – Andrei Kirilenko’s Wife Allows It Once Per Year!

I think as long as both agree, it shouldn’t be a problem. Good job Kirilenko your a lucky man.

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So your Married and want to have Sex with Another Women?

Now this is one of the more surprising stories I have read in a long time, and it comes from Mike Greenberg from Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPNRADIO.

via ESPN:

Kirlinko on coreygman.wordpress.comHere is a story that some of you probably forgot about and it has be one of the more bizarre stories that you have seen published about an NBA relationship. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Andrei Kirlenko has a wife who understands what goes on during the season the road – NBA’ers experience all kinds of women throwing themselves at them. During Kirlenko’s stint with the Utah Jazz, ESPN published an article giving insight on the couples relationship and family life. As reported by ESPN she lets Kirlenko cheat once per year calling this his “allowance” as long as there are no strings attached

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